Affinity provides solutions with the end user in mind. We deliver the support you need every step of the way. Hear from some of our satisfied clients:

Compass as a product is very easy for both our team and our customers to pick up and follow. Our customers are asking us to always proactively determine their needs and Compass allows us to have the right fact-based plans ready so that our customers can anticipate their needs and make the right choices for their operation. The Affinity support team has been enormously helpful as we have developed world-class tools that work alongside Compass - and their team has supported us every step of the way.”


“We at 2nd Opinion Consulting Inc. have found that the Compass program encompasses all aspects of our business. Our clients have had positive responses to the program and the benefits that it brings to them.”

Samantha Monts

2nd Opinion Consulting Inc.

“My staff and I have been loving Compass. It’s saved us numerous headaches and time compared to our past internal methods. It makes our job much easier at the end of the day. We love having the ability to view data entered from our interns while they are at a client site as well as the reports Compass generates.”


Agronomy Advantage

“I have been using NAV now for just over three years! I love that I can call or email someone for quick answers to my questions of processes that aren’t regular processes. Support staff answers those questions with easy to understand directions, they talk me through the steps and send me supporting documents to follow the next time the question comes up! They also seem to be able to help me with a smile in their voice, which helps me to not feel like so silly! Susanna and Shannon, knowledgeable professionals that care!”

Debbie Michielsen

Meadowland Ag Chem Sales

Compass Grower Advanced puts dollars to what’s actually going on in my farm. I can track everything. I use farm management solutions for simplicity, ease of tracking, and the accounting. It saves me a lot of time.”

Jason Boersma, Grower

J&A Boersma Farms